Born in Brussels, Laurent Michelet has studied graphic arts and communication before becoming an assistant director and story boarder. With the advent of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in the late 90s, he joined the world of animation as a 3D modeler at nWave Pictures, which develops IMAX films. Also passionate for staging, he wrote and directed the teaser of « Fishboy » a fantastic modern tale, produced by Title Films. He is also monitoring the writing of the eponymous feature film with the screenwriter Gregory Cavinato. For several years, Laurent Michelet continued directing and artistic directing on various projects for advertising, television and video. In 2013, he worked with writer Fred Castadot on « Fugazi » produced by Cookies Films & Les Films du Cygne, an ambitious short film belonging to his favorite genre: science fiction. Filming took place in 2016 with Vincent Depicker and Alexia Londez in the lead roles. Cookies Films and Les Films du Cygne produced “Fugazi”.